Importing Outlook.nk2 files into Zimbra

August 1, 2009

I’ve just spent 7 hours  trying to import Outlook .nk2 files into Zimbra contacts. It took me great deal of nerves and some unix hackery to get it done. Looking back, it’s seems so simple…

Here’s how I did it:

I used free program called NK2 to get .csv from .nk2.

  • I’ve made two Zimbra accounts and send one test email from one account to another. This way I had one person in my contact list
  • Next I exported this Zimbra contact list (of just one person) into a .csv file (this got me proper .csv structure I knew Zimbra would eat back up)
  • I used NK2 proggy to convert all my Outlook.NK2 files into .csv

Now I had one .csv file from Zimbra and few from Outlook.NK2 files.

All I did was match structure of Outlook’s .csv files with Zimbra one. I wrote small ruby script to do this for me, but you can easily use shell or maybe even Windows batch scripting to do this mundane task for you.

The proper Zimbra .csv file format for importing contacts is this:


This must be on the first line of your new .csv file (the one you will feed Zimbra with). Below this line is data, structured to match first line description.

I’ve imported 4.500 contacts from 10 different Outlook.nk2 files in about 3 minutes using Zimbra Desktop client.

While I was thinking about how to solve this problem (good 7 hours) my friend was importing .pst files into one Zimbra (open source version) server from 14 different Windows computers – simultaniously.

From what I just saw tonight, I must say kudos to Zimbra! In the last 10 hours it has proved itself as a rock solid platform to host emails on.

And the best part – it just works! Keep pushing, Zimbra team!

I hope I saved you some time with this post. It’s 4.30 am here, I’m off.


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