The name of the game

September 5, 2010

On the Internet is: the number of links leading back to you.

Nothing else matters! Crappy sites with barely any taste for design thrives because of one reason only – links leading back to them.

So pause for a second and ask yourself this: will what you’re working make others link back to you?

If not, don’t waste your time. Adapt and change whatever you’re doing so others will link to you. That’s what matters – in the first place, at least.

When you’ve got this angle covered, then think about how to keep those links. Again, like with links, there’s only one true way to get users to come back over and over again. It’s the value your site provides.

There’s no point in having pile of links leading back to your site if there’s no value one gets. To sum it up – in reverse order:

  • provide real value others benefit from
  • get as many links to your site

Get this two right and you can screw everything else. I failed numerous of times because I only got one of two right.


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